Discover Ischia in all its splendor

For the less superficial visitor the Island of Ischia brings with it an imaginary anomaly. Every towns has retained its ancient nucleus, particulary on festival, or market day to walk trough the streets invite one to dive into an true riot of flowers. This alliance between sea and mountains is the foundamental characteristic of the Island of Ischia, and its primary attraction. One can leave the sunny beachers bathing in the sea and in just few minutes find oneself immerse in the peace and green. For those who love to envelop them-selves in this rare beauty of the south-west Island, where the rocks, hills, and areas of mediterranean scrub are cloaked in colours and scent that change with the seasons: Panza is a great idea.

Come Muoversi sull'Isola

On foot, by bike

Ischia is rather large island: about 80 Km of network of roads. We recommend to move over on foot only in city centres or country routes. During tourist period the traffic increases and so we recommend the use of bikes only for local movings.

By car

It’s possibile to use own car (no driving for cars of Campania and for driver of Campania) and we reccomend to park in free or pay parking. Parking is also possible in some town with tickets of one Hour of validity (in delimited road areas). It’s possible to rent cars, bikes, motorbikes

By bus, Taxi

The island has taxi and minitaxi Ape service, multi-place (always well regulated by taximeter), and regular bus service of EAV BUS. The bus-line joins most of towns to Ischia town near the Port. Tickets are avaiable expecially at bookstalls, bars, travel agencies, tobacconists.